Immersion Experience

Interaction with native speakers

Interact with native Arabic speakers in the bustling city of Cairo and use the Arabic language that you have learned to reinforce concepts and ideas in your everyday life. Side to side with your intensive Arabic courses, you will find yourself speaking the language in no time.

Historical sight-seeing

Cairo is one of the oldest and most exciting cities in the world. While leaning Arabic in Cairo, you will visit historical sites from the Pyramids to the Citadel. Cairo’s rich history will come alive with sight-seeing trips accompanied by a native teacher for more language practice.

Explore Egypt and the Middle East

What better way to exploring the Middle East than to start out in Egypt. Cairo sits in the center of the Middle East and remains one of the most important cities in the region and the best place to embark you Arabic language learning experience.

Culutral Exposure

Experience Egypt with local Egyptians! Language and culture are tied together, and we will provide you with the cultural exposure that will enable you to utilize what you learn in Egyptian Arabic classes more effectively.

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