Individuals: Professionals and students of all ages achieve fluency in the Arabic language in a short time while experiencing Middle Eastern culture in our immersive programs. Study abroad students and expats living in Cairo prefer the friendly Arabic-speaking environment of Arab Academy.

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Universities: Top universities and high schools around the globe send their students to study Arabic and become immersed in Arab culture at Arab Academy in Cairo. Intensive semester, a full year or a summer programs are available. We can design a custom study abroad program in Egypt for your students as well.

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Corporations: Non-Egyptian employees who can communicate in Arabic are a strong asset to any company or embassy in Egypt. Arab Academy's services for corporations and foreign missions are the best way to integrate foreign employees into your multi-national workplace.

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Learn Arabic in Egypt

Modern Standard Arabic

Modern Standard Arabic
Arabic 101, Arabic 102

Learn Modern Standart Arabic

Arabic Language Electives

Media Arabic 101
Media Arabic 102

Learn Media Arabic

Colloquial Arabic

Colloquial Arabic 101
Colloquial Arabic 10

Learn Colloquial Arabic

Quranic Arabic - Islamic Arabic

Middle/High School Arabic 1
Middle/High School Arabic 2

Learn Quranic Arabic


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